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A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Baylee

a logical thinker, determined student, enthusiastic mentor, as well as lover of
British Literature and Southern History. 

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Chunky Monk

Teddi is a five year old German Shepherd who loves playing fetch and going for car rides with the windows down!

Dog Momma

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself," -- Josh Billings

Chunky is a four year old German Shepherd and loves to do all things that require minimal effort (laying around, watching tv, and belly scratches in particular)!

Teddi Bear

Tennessee Technological University

Date: August 2016 -- May 2019

Sociology: Criminal Justice 

Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law

Date: August 2019 -- May 2022

Doctorate of Jurisprudence


Academic/Scholarly         Journals

Google Scholar

Lexis Advanced

Microsoft Office



Problem Solving

Critical Thinking


Westlaw Edge

Yellowstone: Grand Prismatic Spring

Extracurricular Activities

Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

Delta Gamma Fraternity

Order of Omega Greek Honor Society

Panhellenic Executive Council 2018

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Sociology: Criminal Justice Club

Student Government Association 

Contact Information:

Please feel free to reach out!! I am incredibly excited to answer questions, discuss potential research topics, and much more!

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